ST448 – High-Temp With a Programmable Workflow

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The ST448 was built for automotive engineering company based in Ontario. This unit is 48”W x 48”H x 96”D. It is electrically heated and engineered to operate at 500F.

The ST448 is designed with a vertical life door, specially customized with an automatic door function. Through the controller, the user can program the oven’s workflow to automatically open the door and move the next shuttle into the chamber.

The track in the bottom of the oven allows for electrical cables and hoses to be installed under the chamber, concealed and protected from high heat.

JPW has sustained a long and satisfying relationship with the buyer of this ST448. The customer has worked with JPW across different employers and has made plans to purchase 20 ovens with JPW over the next year. Loyal relationships like these are a product of JPW’s expert engineering and outstanding customer service.

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