Industrial Lab/Bench Ovens

Bench Ovens

JPW’s lab/bench ovens may appear small, but they are incredibly powerful. This shows that good things can come in small sizes.

These small ovens are strong and can reach high temperatures. They use them for drying, curing, testing, finishing, aging, and pre-heating. They have versatility and can serve a wide range of purposes.

Users can utilize these ovens in a variety of ways to meet specific industrial requirements. You can easily produce small quantities of products using them, especially in situations with limited space for larger equipment. This adaptability ensures that we do not sacrifice efficiency and quality for the sake of space.

Designers created these ovens to be convenient and users can place them on tables or benches. You can also mount them on the floor in different settings while still fitting in well with the workspace. This flexibility allows for the optimization of available space without compromising on functionality or performance.

JPW’s lab and bench ovens play a crucial role in modern manufacturing and research, serving a wide range of industries. They play a crucial role in different sectors, highlighting their significance. These ovens are essential in a wide range of applications, underscoring their importance in modern industrial and research settings.

In the aerospace industry, engineers use ovens to speed up the development and testing of aerospace parts. This ensures that the parts meet high quality and durability standards. In the medical field, they are important for sterilizing equipment and making medical devices. Even small mistakes can have significant repercussions.

The solar industry uses solar ovens to test solar cells and components. They ensure that these can withstand various environmental conditions. This promotes sustainable and renewable energy sources.

In metal finishing, precise temperature control and uniform heat distribution are essential for obtaining desired surface properties and finishes.

The pharmaceutical industry relies on these ovens for drug formulation and testing, where stable and controlled environments are critical. The education sector prepares students for future challenges in their fields by providing practical experience through research projects.

JPW’s lab and bench ovens are efficient, versatile, and precise. These ovens boast a streamlined, compact design. They are an essential instrument in numerous sectors. Their versatility in catering to various requirements, from manufacturing aerospace parts to aiding in pioneering medical studies, highlights their importance in propelling innovation and excellence.


Air Flow Patterns

Upward PatternLeftward PatternCrisscross PatternCenter-Up Pattern

Standard Features

  • UL-approved 508A
  • Designed to NFPA 86
  • TEFC motors (totally enclosed fan cooled)- for harsh environments and long life
  • Controls – all digital, microprocessor, thermocouple input temperature controller
  • Circuit breakers on motor in lieu of fusing – easy troubleshooting, no fuses required for motors
  • Oven on switch – Illuminated
  • Heat on switch – Illuminated
  • Batch Timer – shuts heat off at the end of a timed cycle (on models with single set point controllers only)
  • SSR or SCR power controllers
  • High volume recirculation blowers or fans
  • Pressure differential switches – in the event of the loss of air the heating system will shut down
  • 8lb density mineral wool board insulation
  • Painted exterior
  • Incoloy sheathed heating elements
  • Pressure relief latches
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Optional Features

  • Forced exhaust packages
  • Gas-fired – natural or propane
  • Programmable controllers
  • Recorders
  • Solvent rated
  • Door switch
  • Shelves
  • Carts
  • Proportional dampers
  • Inert gas purge & process
  • Viewing window
  • Interior light
  • Stainless interior
  • Stainless sealed interior
  • Wall ports
  • Cascade controlling (two loops, typically one air and one product)
  • Class 1, Div 2
  • 24/7 timer
  • Audible/visual alarm indicators
  • Vertical lift door
  • Custom designs
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  • In-stock and ready for immediate delivery oven


    • Internal Size 19W x 18D x 18H
    • External Size 35W x 32D x 39H
    • Volume 3.56 CUFT
    • Metal Stainless Steel
    • Fan400 CFM
    • Airflow Horizontal
    • Temperature 500°F

  • In-stock and ready for immediate delivery oven


    • Internal Size 24W x 24D x 24H
    • External Size 57W x 36D x 51H
    • Volume 8 CUFT
    • Metal Stainless Steel
    • Fan400 CFM
    • Airflow Horizontal
    • Temperature 500°F