Gas-Fire Quick Ship Option

JPW Industrial Ovens and Furnaces offer a gas-fired option on four of our quick ship universal cabinet ovens. After months of extensive testing, the four models that will offer this option are the ST333A, ST444A, HD496, and the ST216.

The manufacturing process to create a gas-fired option in any industrial oven or furnace typically would take 12-14 weeks. The amount of time it takes has been cut by over half.

Gas-fired ovens can be used in any type of industrial manufacturing, and are frequently found in companies providing finishing/coating or drying of products.

JPW is continuously finding ways to serve our customers better and invest in research, as well as new technology to make that happen. Contact us to see if a gas-fire quick ship option oven is right for you.

  • Gas-fire quick ship option oven


    • Internal Size 36W x 36D x 36H
    • External Size 68W x 49D x 63H
    • Volume 27 CUFT
    • Metal Aluminized
    • Fan1200 CFM
    • Airflow Selectable- horizontal, combination, compound, vertical up or down
    • Temperature 500°F

  • In-stock and ready for immediate delivery ovenGas-fire quick ship option oven


    • Internal Size 48W x 48D x 48H
    • External Size 81W x 61D x 80H
    • Volume 64 CUFT
    • Metal Aluminized
    • Fan1200 CFM
    • Airflow Horizontal
    • Temperature 500°F