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ST434ST434 – Explosion Proof Cabinet Oven

The ST434 is one of the more unique models of oven that JPW has had the privilege to manufacture. This oven was designed and manufactured for a lab in California. It is a Class 1, Division 1 – Class 2, Division 1 rated cabinet oven and will be used for munitions testing. For this reason, it was built to be explosion proof earning a NRTL certification.

Receiving NRTL certification at JPW allows the chamber to be put directly into production for the client without external certification. JPW’s ability to certify these types of ovens saves time, and money, on the client’s end, allowing for faster installation of the unit.

This special cabinet oven has a solvent rated interior and with special attention given to a non-sparking interior design. It is engineered as a low-temp unit, operating at 250F or below. Another unique feature of the ST434 is the heater control. The sheath temperatures of the heaters are controlled so the interior of the unit cannot get hotter than the flashpoint of the materials contained. This is also known as Cascade Control.

This is truly a unique cabinet oven, requiring highly important specifications and safeguards. Not only is JPW proficient in meeting such customization requests but they also maintain high quality and safety levels as the unit passes dozens of engineer reviews before delivery. This ST434 is just one of three units JPW will be engineering for their client.

JPW has the knowledge, quality and engineering skill to create a solution for your industrial oven needs. Contact us today and speak to one of our friendly and skilled engineers to get the process going.