ST333 – A Standard in the Oven Industry

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ST333A standard in industrial ovens, the ST333 serves in many industries like aerospace, automotive, and pharmaceutical with numerous applications like: heat treating, curing, burning, ageing, drying, life testing and more.

JPW has had the pleasure to work with an Illinois-based electronics and robotics manufacturing corporation in providing an ST333 for curing components for variable frequency drives.

JPW’s work with their client has led to a long-term relationship of providing ST333’s for curing. Their client has been so satisfied with the quality of JPW’s engineering that they continue to order a new ST333 year after year.

Like much of JPW’s work, this specific model has been customized specifically to meet client job requirements. JPW designed a custom roller bed and installed it in this version of the ST333 model. It also features a double door to the chamber instead of the standard single door option.

Even with specific client customizations, a standard model like the ST333, able to be modified by JPW quickly with a fast delivery deadline. The ST333 is a versatile industrial oven for any manufacturer large or small.

The ST333 has been specially crafted by JPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces to be thicker, stronger, and more durable than competing models. Available in both low-heat and high-heat and able to be equipped with electrical or gas heating. With proper use and maintenance, the ST333 can last a lifetime.

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