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Clean room ovens create a sterile environment for hygienic and sterile process applications in manufacturing. The pharmaceutical and medical industries take the lead in the need and request for these types of ovens. Clean room ovens, also known as dry-heat sterilizing ovens, are used to cure, dry, sterilize and depryrogenate.

Recently, JPW customized a clean room oven for a pharmaceutical pill manufacturer. They requested a dry-heat sterilizer for their specific project.

jpw industrial clean room oven example

“Clean room ovens have different classifications,” states Mike Jameson with JPW Industrial Ovens and Furnaces. “The type we typically produce are Class 100 clean room environment ovens for processes where eliminating particle contamination is required. We also see more requests for these types of ovens than we have in the past.”

Clean Room Oven Standard Features

JPW offers various size, cycle, and temperature option requirements to meet your clean room industrial oven needs. Our clean room ovens are available in multiple configurations, including lab, bench, walk-in, cabinet, and continuous process. JPW’s clean room ovens can be customized for your specific needs and will meet or exceed Class 100 air standards. Standard features of our clean room ovens include:

  • Construction: corrosion-resistant stainless-steel interior and exterior, fully sealed interior and exterior, adjustable shelves
  • Filtration: two heat-resistant HEPA filters
  • Temperature:  up to 500°F with uniform heating
  • Door: fully-sealed adjustable door hinge with lever-actuated door latch and silicone gasket
  • Controls: user-friendly, control panel with large LED display or PLC
  • Air Flow Patterns: vertical or horizontal

Customized Clean Room Ovens vs. Standard Clean Room Ovens

While JPW can customize your clean room oven, we also offer a standard line of stock ovens that may meet your industrial needs.

“The turnaround time for a standard oven we have in stock with modified customization is about 4-6 months, while a completely custom-built clean room oven can take six months or more,” adds Jameson. “Prices for a small clean room oven range from $125-150,000.”

If you need a clean room industrial oven, don’t hesitate to contact JPW. Let us help you determine what solution is right for you. Whether you need a model from our stock line or a customized oven, JPW can meet your needs.