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HT433TUL P 480V 36KWIGJPW recently provided a northeastern U.S. manufacturing company with a HT433, an inert gas unit capable of reaching 1200oF. This oven is being planned for the use of heat-treating barrels for firearms by JPW’s client. Being an inert gas oven, this product showcases several unique features and processes.

This model is built to operate with a low-oxygen environment inside the chamber. By replacing the air with other gases during the process, the HT433 prevents fire hazards and preserves the quality of the products being treated inside.

The HT433 starts its heat-treating process by purging the chamber of oxygen. After switching to the process flow meter, heating begins. This model is also equipped with a ½ to 1 PSI leak point. This metal seated check valves release pressure when necessary to prevent over-pressurization during processing, providing a very safe and reliable inert gas oven.

JPW prides itself on the amount of repeat customers it maintains, like this one, and the relationships they are able to build with their clients. Businesses from around world enjoy working with JPW because of their level of quality and customization in industrial ovens. Remember JPW for your next industrial oven needs.

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