ST676 – Walk-In Oven for Automotives

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JPW recently provided a new ST676 for a South Carolina auto part manufacturer. This industrial oven will be used to artificially age aluminum parts for automobiles.

The ST676 is designed to reach temperatures of up to 500F while meeting a standard of uniformity – able to maintain a consistent heat temperature within the chamber at multiple points. Even application of heat in the chamber is a sign of expert engineering from JPW resulting in the right finish every time.

This model also features an advanced PLC Controller. This advanced style of control allows the user to receive a variety of feedback from all devices and elements installed on the ST676. It will also monitor the system and control it automatically by making needed adjustments during processing.

The client requested that the oven be able to cool down quickly so JPW installed a variable speed exhaust which provides a higher rate for cool down and a lower rate for processing. The level of customization that JPW is able to achieve with their ovens, and their passion for creating the best ovens is what sets them apart from the competition.

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