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The ST522 cabinet oven was designed and manufactured for a power transmission company located in the North East with top-notch engineering and customization. It is a custom sized unit, specialized for customer integration.

This is a low-temp oven which operates at 250F and features a vertical lift door, combination airflow, custom mounted remote control apart from the unit and custom safety system on the oven door.

The combination airflow is optimized to enhance cycle times and make production as efficient as possible by utilizing two leading edges of hot air from the sides of the oven and returning to the top. The ST522 also has a remote control, per request, installed separate from the oven unit for custom mounting.

JPW worked heavily with their client to specially design the vertical lift door for the ST522. The door was designed to require the operator to have both hands placed on the controls before the oven can be opened. This extra feature ensures a much safer product and was a custom feature that JPW was happy to meet.

The ST522 is a highly-customized product, engineered specifically around the client’s requests. JPW was able to meet a wide variety of safety and size requirements and can do the same for your business.

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