On-Site Visit to JPW Seals the Deal for Client

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JPW recently provided a modified ST101028 for an Ohio company specializing in various forms of commercial finishing. The purchase of this oven for JPW’s client will allow them to increase production and provide better service to their customers.

The ST101028 was engineered as a 10ft by 10ft by 28ft long 500F gas oven, capable of uniformly heating the chamber to +/- 10F at 500F.

With several other industrial oven manufacturers in the state of Ohio, what would bring a business owner to travel 7 hours to the JPW headquarters in Pennsylvania and place an order the same day? It was the quality of JPW’s engineering that set their ovens apart from the competitor. The high quality construction of JPW’s ovens was visually so obvious upon visiting JPW’s facility the client placed an order for the ST101028 the very same day.