New CAD Platform Improves Design Process

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New CAD Platform Improves Design Process

Shortening production time and lowering costs is essential for any business in the manufacturing industry. Using the right technology is key to achieving both.

After using a two-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) platform for several years, JPW Ovens and Furnaces decided to take advantage of new technology to help them work smarter on behalf of their clients.

“After researching different options, Autodesk Inventor was the winner,” says Bryan Wack Engineering Manager of JPW.” We were looking to add a CAD platform that offers three-dimensional tools, and that would help accelerate our overall design process. We are very happy with our decision.”

Autodesk Inventor provides an almost complete illustration of what a product will look like before it is built. In addition to design, if offers simulation, visualization, rendering and documentation tools that are taking JPW’s design and virtual modeling process to the next level.

“It is so easy to use,” Wack adds.”You simply type in product information – internal size, duct size, insulation area, for example — and it basically creates a design itself. Autodesk speeds the process of designing an oven, which will help us get custom-manufactured products to clients faster.”

“Recently, we had a client request an oven design that, with our old software, would have easily taken two to three weeks to complete,” Wack says.”Instead, it took us one.”

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