JPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces Delivers Two Continuous Conveyor Systems

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JPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces delivered two conveyors for the curing of fuel and oil filters for the auto industry. The two systems are continuous process, one gas fired 60”wide x 300” long operating at 300F with a cooling zone, the other system is an electric 48”wide x 144” long operating at 300F with a take away conveyor system. The systems are installed in Prichard, West Virginia located in the United States.

On the details of this order, JPW mechanical engineer Bryan Wack stated, “We worked closely with the customer to develop and provide the right solution.” JPW takes pride in spending time with the customer in the inquiry stage to thoroughly understand the customer’s process so the right solution can be offered.

Sogefi Oven

The order was handled direct by the factory and was delivered within a 12 week period from placement of order. The main advantages of the JPW brand are:

  • Standard and solution based cost effective offerings
  • Understanding, in depth, the customers process and requirements
  • Industry best lead-times

JPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces designs and manufactures a large variety of ovens and furnaces for various industrial markets. Our ovens and furnaces have a wide range of temperature and can be designed in continuous or batch configurations. Please visit our website or call to inquire about your oven and furnace needs. Bring Power, Precision and Performance to your processes today.