HT432 – High-Temp Cabinet Oven

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The HT432 is a high-temp cabinet oven measuring 48Wx36Hx24D. This oven is electrically heated and boasts a max operating temperature of 1300F, with a tight uniformity of +/- 10 at 600C. This high-temp cabinet oven will be used to facilitate a specialized process used to burn out binder.

Each JPW industrial oven is designed to meet the customer’s specific needs and the HT432 is no exception – it is packed with special features. The HT432 is equipped with incoming power protection through a UPS unit that will power the oven should the main power be interrupted. This feature is vital in preventing delays in production and also waste from interrupted processes.

The HT432 is also equipped with a lower explosive limit (LEL) monitor that keeps the levels of volatile content inside the oven in check. When temperature and/or chemical levels exceed safe amounts, the oven is triggered to shut down the heaters and speed up exhaust, evacuating the hazard to a safe level.

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