HT242 480V 18KW – Cabinet Oven

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HT242 480V 18KWJPW just recently finished a new model of the HT242 for a metal finishing company in Nebraska. This oven is a cabinet oven with 2x4x2 ft dimensions. It is engineered to operate at temperatures up to 800F and is solvent rated with a 170CFM exhaust. This powerful exhaust is designed to evacuate solvents to a safe level in the oven before the heat is turned on.

The HT242 features a stainless steel interior and a UP55A programmable controller. The state-of-the-art controller allows for the input of recipes that control temperatures through automated progression.

JPW is creating high quality ovens like this one for custom solutions on a daily basis. They love what they do and look forward to helping you find the right oven for your company’s needs.

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