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HT175.5 TULThe HT175.5 TUL – A Highly Customized Heat Treating Industrial Oven

JPW Industrial Ovens are not only known for their cost-effectiveness and high quality standard, they are also known for being highly customizable. JPW gets excited about building industrial ovens and works extensively with their clients to create the best oven, customized to their specific needs. From this engineering philosophy comes the HT175.5 TUL (480V/90KW).

The HT175.5 TUL is a heat treating cabinet oven made of stainless steel with a reinforced floor that can support up to 4,000 pounds. It features powered automatic intake and exhaust dampers which are regulated by temperature. The oven is rated up to 1000F and has a uniformity of +/- 10F at 850F.

JPW also engineers ovens with an eye on the future. This specific model has been customized with framed-out windows on each side for future use. This was based on a client request that will allow them to install windows in their oven for future projects.

The control modules for the HT175.5 TUL are also all pre-wired making this oven easy to operate by simply plugging in an existing programmable logic controller (PLC).

JPW makes it easy to integrate custom requests. Each request is reviewed by our expert engineers and incorporated into a general assembly drawing. After which, reviews can be made over the phone, email or even face-to-face at the JPW headquarters. From there, detailed drawings begin and finally construction of the oven.

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