An Uptick in Industrial Oven Requests for Electric Vehicles

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JPW has been designing and manufacturing ovens and furnaces for start-up companies in the electric vehicle industry for several years. Though lately, the requests have been more frequent and more specific.  Mike Jameson with JPW Ovens Furnaces believes he knows the reason why this is the case.

Jameson says, “Mainstream automakers from around the globe are noticing that electric vehicles are the future. While the smaller start-ups have been researching, testing, and creating electric vehicles for years, the well-known automakers want to make sure their hats are tossed in the ring as they notice the demand from potential customers steadily increasing.”

The two types of ovens that are being requested most often are continuous process and batch.  Jameson sees oven and furnace needs geared toward battery technology and research and electric motor processing testing.  Requests vary from small-batch ovens to large continuous process ovens that expand to over 40 feet long.

Jameson adds, “Mainstream brands moving into the field are looking to have their ovens in a position to conveyorize so they can do more volume to supply products for assembly lines.  They may begin using a batch oven but work their way up to a continuous process oven.”

When electric motor processing testing is needed, Jameson finds the ovens are being used to finish curing the product; when electric vehicle companies are looking requesting ovens for battery technology, ovens are typically used to test a battery’s stability in various temperatures without failing.

Jameson said he envisions the first true wave of electric vehicles coming to market soon. They will continue to improve as more people switch from the typical gas-operated vehicle to electric.  He adds, “It is a fun time in history right now, and JPW is excited to be a part of it.”