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laboratory/bench oven with open doorJPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces provide lab and bench ovens for multiple industrial applications. Although smaller than most of our industrial ovens, JPW’s lab/bench ovens are mighty, producing high heat for drying, curing, testing, baking, finishing, aging, and other pre-heating needs. They are usually used in the industrial setting when small batches of product are needed, or the workspace size is limited. These ovens are often positioned on a table or bench but can also be floor-mounted, depending on the setting. In addition, lab/bench ovens often use trays or fixtures for loading. Various industries regularly use the lab/bench ovens, including aerospace, automotive, medical, solar, metal-finishing, pharmaceutical, and education.

What’s the difference between lab and bench ovens?

There may not be much difference between a lab oven and a bench oven, but they serve different purposes. These two types of ovens are often confused with one another.  Lab ovens are used for low volume lab applications. Bench ovens are used for high volume production applications.

Lab ovens are versatile and reliable pieces of lab equipment used for various applications. They are made in many different sizes and configurations to meet lab requirements. Bench ovens are used in higher volume applications and harsh production environments.

Whether a lab or a bench oven, all of JPW’s ovens offer superior performance and safety features and an extensive range of options; they come with advanced temperature control technology for precise heating, cooling, and drying results. In addition, they feature robust ventilation systems to ensure proper air circulation and eliminate odors or fumes during operation.  JPW’s lab and bench ovens are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, making them an ideal choice for lab settings. Whether a small-scale production run or a large-volume operation, one of our lab or bench ovens can meet your needs.

Why Choose JPW for Your Heat-Treating Oven Needs?

No matter which type of oven you choose, lab or bench, JPW has the right solution to meet any industry’s needs. Our team of experts is here to help ensure you get the most out of your lab/bench ovens; from precise baking and drying applications for small-scale production runs or large-volume operations, lab/bench ovens can provide reliable temperatures and even heat distribution without taking up too much space. With wheeled racks, carts, and trays available in a variety of sizes, lab/bench ovens are great for aerospace, medical, solar, metal-finishing, pharmaceutical, or educational applications.

The JPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces team is dedicated to providing the best products and service possible for all their customers, no matter what type of oven you need. With JPW, you can trust that your industrial oven will be efficient, safe, and reliable.

In addition to an excellent, American-made product, when you purchase one of our lab or bench ovens, you receive more than just a reliable, well-constructed oven. You receive unmatched customer service and our commitment to quality and service. Contact us today for your lab or bench oven needs.