HT15610 – Gas-Fired High Temperature Oven

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An Arizona based aluminum manufacturer recently completed an order with JPW for an HT15610. This model is a high-temp, gas-fired oven. It will be used to dry aluminum sows and castings. It will play an important part in the preparation process of their sows and be able to treat 40 thousand pounds of aluminum at one time.

This unit measures 15 feet wide, 10 feet high and 6 feet deep. It boasts a gas-fired heating system, enhanced controls and data logging. It was also specifically engineered at JPW with a large vertical lift door to accommodate its work space.

The customer has become so satisfied with this model of oven, and it is so essential to the process of the company, they have already ordered a second one from JPW.

Contact JPW today to receive more information on the HT15610 or request a quote.