The HT646 industrial oven is electrically heated and can reach temperatures of 1400oF. Engineered into this industrial oven is a programmable control with a digital recorder that allows the oven to monitor heat levels, maintaining complete control and preventing overheating. Special features include 8 inch thick insulated walls, ceiling and floor, one inch stainless steel circulating fan, CRS exterior painted machine gray, stainless interior, UL listed control panel, door switch and uniformity +/- 10F.


  • 8″ thick insulated walls, ceiling and floor.
  • Stainless Circulation fan
  • CRS exterior painted machine gray
  • Stainless interior
  • UL listed Control Panel
  • Electronic single set point temperature controller
  • High limit
  • Door Switch
  • Uniformity +/- 10F
HT646 Cabinet Series