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The oven is designed to operate at 400°F maximum temperature and includes the following special features:

  • 4.5 inch thick insulated walls, ceiling and a 3/16" plate floor
  • 2" Circulation fans
  • CRS exterior painted machine gray
  • Aluminized interior
  • UL listed Control Panel
  • Electronic temperature controller and a high limit
  • 1.5 Million BTU Gas burner
  • 1200 CFM exhaust
  • Modular construction 

Batch Oven Specifications:

Effective Work Area:

144" W x 96" H x 192" L

External Dimensions:

172" W x 140" H x 207" L


1,500,000 BTU

Recirculation Fan:

19,000 CFM; 10 HP



Oven Construction:


Oven exterior to be constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel with structural members and painted machine gray.


Oven interior to be constructed of Aluminized steel.


Non settling mineral wool insulation will used to insulate between the inside and outside of the unit.

Circulation system:

Two 36 inch Dia fans and shafts, the airflow will be compound/horizontal from sides to top. The pressure & return walls will be louvered for adjustability.

Heating system:

A 1.5 million BTU  modulating gas burner will be mounted on the side of the oven firing into the plenum located on the top of the oven, the burner will heat the air to desired temperature.


The unit will have two doors held closed by FM approved slam latches.

Control Console:

The control panel for the oven will be on the right hand side of the chamber. The panel will house the electrical components and be NEMA 1 and UL rated.


A 1200 CFM exhaust will be located on the back of the oven. The exhaust outlet will be a 8 inch dia. The exhaust will be on at all times.


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Shortening production time and lowering costs is essential for any business in the manufacturing industry. Using the right technology is key to achieving both.

After using a two-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) platform for several years, JPW Ovens and Furnaces decided to take advantage of new technology to help them work smarter on behalf of their clients.


Williamsport, PA (June 1, 2018) – JPW Industrial Ovens and Furnaces yesterday held a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony, in conjunction with the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, to celebrate the opening of a new manufacturing facility.

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