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JPW - deliver electric high temp Furnace for Aerospace Industry

Today, JPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces is in the finishing stages of manufacturing a large electric high temperature vertical lift door furnace for an Aerospace company located in the United States. The temperature range of the furnace will be 200 F to 1250 F. The interior work space is 72”w x 72”h x 72”d. The uniformity specification is unique in that there will be multiple work envelopes qualified within the work space. Those specifications are +/-5 F at various operating temperatures. The unit is on track to be delivered in early May 2015.

On the details of this order, JPW Vice president of operations Mike Paternostro stated “This is a great opportunity for JPW and our employees to show the versatility and quality of our processes and finished products”.  JPW takes pride in spending time with the customer in the inquiry stage to thoroughly understand the customers processes so the right solution can be offered.

The order inquiry was handled initially through a distribution channel that is a partner with JPW in leveraging our brand in a very mature market. The main advantages of the JPW brand are:

  • Standard and solution based cost effective offerings
  • Understanding in depth the customers process and requirements
  • Industry best lead-times

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Our Continuous Process Ovens feature welded steel structural units, heavy gauge interiors, and operate at temperatures up to 1250°F and are used for a wide range of applications.

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Heat Treating Ovens can be used for treating a variety of metals and glass to harden or soften a material through extreme heating and chilling. Heat Treating Ovens can be used for aging, annealing, drying, soldering, tempering, etc.

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The Walk-In series of industrial ovens offer custom options at an affordable price with a large selection of sizes available. Each oven comes standard with the following features; UL listed control enclosure, airflow, TEFC circulation motor.

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