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A graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Technology with an associates degree in welding, Philip Welker has been with JPW Industrial Ovens and Furnaces for nearly five years.  He is a welder at the Plant 2 location.

“While I weld every day,” he says, “I am learning new ways, better ways to do my job as time goes on.”


Born and raised in Northern California, Chelsea Deknecht has decided to call the Williamsport region her home.


Five years ago, Jeremy Bickel began working at JPW Industrial Ovens and Furnaces as a temp in the assembly department. Not too long after, he moved into a permanent position in the electrical department where he is now a test technician at Plant 2.


As the last person to inspect your product before it is transported to you, Walt makes sure it is packed and shipped according to customer specification, it is appropriately touched up, and all additional oven accessories are included. He is JPW Ovens & Furnaces final review of your oven.


Trout Run, PA (October 22, 2019) — JPW Industrial Ovens and Furnaces announced they are now offering a gas-fired option on four of their quick ship universal cabinet ovens. After months of extensive testing, the four models that will offer this option are the ST333A, ST444A, HD496, and the ST216.


It’s baacck!

We wanted to continue our Employee Spotlight series by introducing you to a member of our dedicated and passionate team.  Meet Jim Wall, an electrical and controls engineer, who has been with JPW for nearly 4 years.


If your company is considering investing in an industrial oven, there are so many options to consider. Let JPW Industrial Ovens and Furnaces make the decision-making process simple.  We have dependable, safe and energy efficient ovens to meet your specific need.


Shortening production time and lowering costs is essential for any business in the manufacturing industry. Using the right technology is key to achieving both.

After using a two-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) platform for several years, JPW Ovens and Furnaces decided to take advantage of new technology to help them work smarter on behalf of their clients.


Williamsport, PA (June 1, 2018) – JPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces held a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday, in conjunction with the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, to celebrate the opening of a new manufacturing facility.


Trout Run, PA (May 1, 2018) – JPW Industrial Ovens and Furnaces, an industrial oven manufacturer based near Williamsport, Pa., has added a second manufacturing facility to its operation. The new plant is expected to create 25 new jobs within the next two years.

Cabinet Ovens

These chambers are designed to meet your most demanding needs. Our precision engineering, heavy duty construction and exceptional performance along with a variety of airflow patterns and optional equipment provide the right solution for your heat processing requirements. Standard sizes range from 3.3 cuft up to 96 cuft and standard temperatures up to 650F. For chambers above 650F please inquire about our HT series cabinet ovens.

Custom Ovens

JPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces offers the know-how, experience, innovation and creativity to provide custom-made ovens tailored to each customer's unique need.

Lab/Bench Ovens

The Lab/Bench series of ovens offer custom options at an affordable price with a large selection of sizes available. Each oven comes standard with the following features; voltage specific, UL listed control enclosure, airflow, TEFC circulation motor.

Continuous Process Ovens

Our Continuous Process Ovens feature welded steel structural units, heavy gauge interiors, and operate at temperatures up to 1250°F and are used for a wide range of applications.

Heat Treating Ovens

Heat Treating Ovens can be used for treating a variety of metals and glass to harden or soften a material through extreme heating and chilling. Heat Treating Ovens can be used for aging, annealing, drying, soldering, tempering, etc.

Walk-In Ovens

The Walk-In series of industrial ovens offer custom options at an affordable price with a large selection of sizes available. Each oven comes standard with the following features; UL listed control enclosure, airflow, TEFC circulation motor.

Industrial Oven Model Listings

Browse through our online industrial oven models: Industrial Cabinet Ovens, Industrial Custom Ovens, Industrial Lab/Bench Ovens, Industrial Continuous Process Ovens, Industrial Heat Treating Ovens, Industrial Walk In Ovens.

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About Us

JPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces makes custom-made industrial ovens. Our Cabinet, Custom, Lab/Bench, Continuous Process, Heat Treating, and Walk-In Ovens are crafted to suit our customers' needs. We offer design, prototyping, welding and assembly.


All industrial ovens from JPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces Inc. carry our standard warranty of 1 year on parts and 90 days on labor from the date of purchase.